Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Sometimes i really don't know what to feel about holidays... work and nua thats all i actually do -.- ok so anyways im back and alot of shit has happened, i got back my results and as expected all RUBBISH cuz i hate my course. I've thought about swithching courses but then again it's like wasting time all year so I've decided that I am gonna really buck up after school starts and yeah thats about it for now. Pics of Holidays and work will come soon in my next post until then! TimeCheck: 9.27pm Bye <3

Monday, July 22, 2013

Long Weekend :(

Kk i haven't been blogging as much as I'm supposed to but yeah had a tough long week. Saturday I was out with a friend for my first movie of the day. DESPICABLE ME!!! SO FRIGGIN CUTE LAH OMG! Kk maintain abit haha. Anyways I guess i would rate it a 8.5/10 because the pot was more or less predictable once your halfway through the movie but I guess it because of the cuteness overload and the good graphics so I gave it a high rating. Anyways i was supposed to go celebrate a bro's birthday.. YES I HAVE LIKE A FRIEND WITH A BIRTHDAY SEEMINGLY EVERY WEEK BUT IT'S ONLY THIS 2 WEEKS IN PARTICULAR OKAY! So the initial plan was shesha and drinking at Haji lane at his uncles store but ya know.. shit happens and things change so Keith(birthday boy) decided with the others to head to V3 instead. which is fine except for he fact that I had a curfew to observe. And my curfew was imposed cause I cause some problems for my family. Seem to be doing that alot now a days i hope things turn out for the better. Thinking about my current situation and everything I feel like I am fucking up my life. I should just concentrate on my studies from now on. Everything else can and shall have to just fucking wait. Yes it is like another wake up call. I seriously need a fucking study buddy, somehow I just can't study without someone condusive around me to scold me and ask me to study properly and stop fucking around. But alas I have not found my study soulmate, lets all hope sooner than later this happens. So back to Saturday, i watch a second movie which is pacific rim. Action wise i think i give the movie a FAT ASS 10. But overall with the storyline and everything it would probably be just a 7/10. WHY? Because the story line is not built up enough, there wasn't really much of a climax since the whole friggin story is like a climax haha. Yeah also discovered on saturday morn that i somehow lost my Iphone which was either in my pocket, in my bag or in my hand(not likely in my hand cause my iphone is my music player and I always put it in my pocket or in my bag. My earpiece is still with my so I am thinking to myself... how in hell's name I lost my phone, that phone holds alot of fond memories of my graduating year. Although I have all the pictures in my lappy but sadly I did not back up my messages into my com so I think it's impossible to retrieve it... But I may be wrong cuz I haven't checked by back up data in a long time :) so if I'm lucky it will still be there. Hmmm.. what else? Oh ya today I found out that my cca has a battle lined up next friday. It's a 2v2 thing and I was lucky to get one of my aweshum seniors to pair with me. Hopefully I will be able to learn alot from him and improve myself. Time check:3.47 I love you all my readers <3 have a great day ahead. TILL MY NEXT POST :D

Monday, July 15, 2013


15th.July.2013 So I am officially a genius, nothing much happened in school but I swear I am a fucking genius. I am currently at Gleneagles 24 hour emergency clinic because I fucking YOLO HAHAHA. I haven’t been talking about myself much but I am an avid dancer. I just love to dance, to express myself in a way where movement says it all in a way that words can never describe. I am a MAS style shuffler (Malaysian hardstyle) and I am a newbie bboy  in my school bboy cca which is the awesome MIGHTY NOMADS. I have much love for my boys and b-girls cuz they are so fucking GUNGHO! Anyways after lessons I was learning all the new shitz like I was trying to perfect my air chair(halfway there) and also my head hollow(no where near perfect -.-) haiz. But yeah so I decided to do something which I hardly tried before, which is the flare move. AND BECAUSE I FUCKING YOLO… I kinda ripped my flesh apart. The doctor says no dancing for 2 weeks, which is bullshit but I guess if I don’t want to aggravate the wound further I better be a guai kia(good boy) and listen to him. But the funniest thing happened in the operating room, my doctor, as he was about to instert the first needle of my first stitch… the thread broke! My doctor said in his 15 years of service that this has never happened before. So the doctor, the nurse, my mum and me started laughing like crazy hahaha @.@ And I was originally suppose to only have 2 stitches but my mother said to the doctor “ Doctor you sure 2 enough anot? *sarcastic tone* THEN MY DOCTOR SAID “OKAY ONE FOR THE MOTHER, AND I RECEIVED A THIRD STITCH THROUGH MY FUCKING TOE NAIL . Anyways yeah I hurt my fourth toe, and because they wrapped it up it is now as large as my fucking big toe… ROFLMAO Time Check: 11.38pm Goodnight and sweet dreams my readers <3 xoxo

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nights bitches

14th.July.2013 TimeCheck 11.30 pm I did a post earlier in the day and i sort of regret posting it cuz... i kinda went overboard haha. But anyways to whoever is reading this pathetic blog. Goodnight and sweet sweet nightmares. XOXO Dominique Ng a.k.a Punkrawkerz :*